Why to join JetSoftPro

Go Global

Clients around the globe

Work with clients from more than 25+ countries

Global team of top specialists

Be a part of the top specialists' team from all over the world.

Fully remote work opportunities

Work from any location, just ensure you have a computer and stable Internet connection.


Go Smart

E-learning opportunities

Meet your learning and development needs online using our JetLMS.

Free English courses

Free English courses

Training Center

Participate in a wide range of internal trainings offered by our L&D department.

Constant Competency Lead support

Get constant support from your Competency Lead.

Mentorship and Leadership Programs

Develop your mentoring and leadership skills participating in special development programs.

Secondary Skills Program

Gain new skills that are not directly related to your current role at our Training Center.

External certification compensation (50%)

Get certified and receive 50% compensation from the company in case of successful completion of the course.

External trainings, conferences, courses, workshops

Request compensation from the company for attending external trainings, conferences, courses to enhance your professional skills.

Technical communities

Join our technical communities to participate in knowledge sharing sessions and meetups.

Career maps

Use our career maps to determine how you progress towards your professional goals.

Job rotations

Request a job rotation if you feel you need a change.

Go Green

Regular environmental awareness trainings and initiatives

Attend our regular environmental awareness trainings and watch educational videos on our JSP TV GoHealthy to make our world a better place.

Waste sorting in the office

Take care of the environment and follow waste sorting initiative in the office.

Go Healthy

Consult with our corporate doctor whenever you have a need.

Consult with our corporate doctor whenever you have a need.

Mental health support

Get compensation for the first two consultations conducted by our mental health partners.

Health recommendations

Keep healthy all year round following the regular advice from our health specialists.

5 business days of paid sick leave (without doctor's proof)

Use sick leave and take care of yourself when you feel bad.

Work in the fresh air – office green zone/rooftop terrace

Enjoy working outdoors at our office garden or rooftop terrac

Fresh juice

Drink fresh juice while working from the office.

Lounge zone with tea-island

Relax in our lounge zone enjoying the wide variety of selected tea.

Go Social

Comfortable Office & Facilities

Flexible working hours
Comfortable office facilities
Work-life balance bonuses
Referral program


20 business days of paid vacation
10 business days of unpaid vacation
5 business days of paid sick leave without a certificate

JSP Kids

Newborn package
JSP St. Nicolas Day and party for our employees' kids

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